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We've been getting triple digit temps, which could be worse: for the most part, humidity is under 10%. Too bad this park doesn't have a pool, but at least here the tap water actually reaches a refreshing level of coolth. (Unlike Florida, where "Doesn't it get any colder than this?!" is as good as it gets.)

I've managed to kill off both my plants, the rosemary and the zebra plant. Too hot on the porch, and I neglected to water them for 48 hours; they wilted like they'd been sauteed. *sigh* And it's just as well I didn't go crazy planting my yard--there's so much shade, with the trees leafed out that I don't know what I'd put there. What I really want is a glider so I can relax out there in the afternoon/evening. GK is keeping an eye out, but mostly she's busy with moving.

The place she's moving to is *definitely* the smallest place I've seen her in, but the location is superior--I can take the local bus from across the street to about a half-block from her new house, so I'm psyched.

The last time we were running around doing stuff, she announced that in July, she wants to take one day and dedicate it to doing home repair/improvement stuff here, which startled (and delighted) me, because I have quite a list of stuff, believe me. I'll let you know if/when that gets off the ground.

Also upcoming, a tattoo convention at one of the casinos. I want to go as much for educational reasons as actually getting ink (may or may not be able to afford any, for one thing). But I *do* have my Hawaii 5-O tattoo AU work in progress, and I'd like to refine the technical details, because it's been literally a couple decades since I spent any time in a shop.

And then there's the little matter of surgery. My cardiologist is adamant that I MUST lose weight. And while the water pills have helped me shed what I put on at the beginning of the year, I could drop another century and still be considered obese (just not mega-morbidly, like I am now. BMI of 47, folks. That's not good.). So GK and I have been to two "infomercials" for the doctors currently doing bariatric surgery in the ABQ area, and I have an actual follow-up appointment with the one I preferred.

There's a whole process to it, so the surgery itself wouldn't happen until some time around January--but I've come to the conclusion that it's pretty much the only thing I haven't tried. And although some people may call it a "shortcut", or "the easy way", I regard it as the only way I'm likely to live to see 66--which isn't exactly ancient. Here's my math: I'm turning 57 in a few weeks. My brother died at 54, my mom at 55. I'm on borrowed time, and that's an awful feeling. (Why 66? Because if I make it to my birthday that year, I'll get to see the 100th Oscars, which ought to be amazing...presuming, of course, that we don't suffer the zombie apocalypse, or get nuked back to the Stone Age.)

Anyway, that's what's going on in my life. How are you all? Much love!

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