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Mostly I've been working in the living room, but because I *Squirrel!* easily, I've tiptoed through other spaces as well. I've managed to lug all the boxes of books to the porch, although I've yet to deal with the bulk of them out there. That's cleared up enough room inside to shift the ottoman around...once I've emptied the plastic bins full of glassware, I plan to slide said ottoman under the window in lieu of a window seat.

After price comparisons, I picked up curtain rod brackets at Walmart. That's another project looming in the near future. It's the kind of thing I could do, WHEN the bins are out of there. (I know GK has talked about coming over for a DIY day, but I'm NOT holding my breath.)

I've been working my way toward the far corner, where the shiny "new" corner cabinet stands. At this point, all it's holding is the TV antenna receiver on top. The interior doesn't even have the shelves in it yet. It isn't very big, being a shallow triangle, so I'm going to have to get rid of more stuff. (I've thought about getting a proper china cabinet, but I can't think of how to work it into this shoe-box.)

The next time I get to the hardware store (insert sardonic laughter here), I need to pick up tile cement and grout...that sweet little tile-topped end table of mine got fucked up by the abominable movers...thankfully, no tiles were actually shattered, but they all detached from the base. Now I have to sand off the old grout, re-adhere them, and re-grout. Although I think before I do all that, I'll repaint the table itself. Much as I like pieces with character, it would look odd with new grout and beat-up, chipped paint.

Another thing I'm keen to do is put up more artwork. The walls look so damn naked! What I plan to do, as soon as there's a bit more space in the living room, is to get ALL of my artwork in one place and decide what's going where and what's going away.

My office is going to be pretty much wall-to-wall--memorabilia and pop culture, mostly--the living room has a decided southwestern vibe, although I'm trying to interject some Frank Lloyd Wright. There's a window cling-film (faux stained glass) available in FLW prints, AND I have a couple smallish prints, a set of coasters AND a coffee table book. (Still working on a coffee table.) My bedroom...that's a post unto itself, but I have a couple pieces that won't be too distracting.

We've been blessed with several days of reasonable temperatures, ala 90-ish, which has allowed me to get so much done. At least, I feel like it's a lot--certainly better than sitting in front of the fan moaning. I'm also sleeping at odd hours, sort of a split-shift--6AM to 11, then 4 or 5 PM til 8 or so.

Ah well. Time to go fling things in the kitchen. Love to all.

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