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I spent much of today going balls-to-the-wall in my office. It's needed it, and things reached the point of, "If I don't make room in the office, I can't shift things in from elsewhere.".

I got the big carton of artwork liberated from the corner it was jammed into. Discovered, to my dismay, that the picture frame I'd intended to put a vintage photo of ABQ into was in fact, not nearly big enough. (It was given to me by LL, whose father took it, and it's a city view from about 50 years ago.) So the next time I get to Wally World, in addition to hardware, I need to see if they have any of the Mainstay frames that match the ones I already have, but larger.

There is still a lot of organizing to be done. I have two smallish bookcases heaped with notebooks and zines and boxes and whatnot, and that's to say nothing of the cartons on the floor, and in the living room, the porch and possibly the big shed.

But--little by little, it's getting better. I need to fling the junk, and box up the dross for GK's yard sale at the end of this month.

My ulterior motive for working in here was to get to where I could put up some art, at least the stuff that's already framed. I ran out of steam before I got that far, but at least now I can get to the walls. That doesn't work so well when there are umpteen boxes in the way!

I haven't eaten since breakfast--before noon!--so I'm going to go scare up a snack before Colbert. Love and a safe and happy 4th to all!



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