Feb. 13th, 2014

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As they cruise into Albuquerque past a sign announcing "Historic Route 66", Stitch is still sulking. He's riding shotgun, ears sticking up on either side of his cowboy hat, mouth curved into a wide frown. He's been that way for nearly an hour, after Lilo vetoed a side-trip.

Lilo sighs. This trip isn't quite turning out the way she expected. Cobra Bubbles's gift of a VW Bug convertible when she graduated from high school had begged for a road trip. Stitch's passion for an old TV show about two guys traveling America in their sporty convertible had suggested an itinerary. Of course, she should have taken into account the whims and quirks of her erstwhile copilot.

Las Vegas had been a blast. They made friends with every Elvis impersonator on the Strip, and Lilo has a picture of herself next to Chumlee from 'Pawn Stars'. Roswell was amazing--they'd bumped into a cousin of Pleakley's, almost gone home with some tourists from Zeta Gamma 4, and made friends with a coyote who'd needed help catching a road runner. (They'd bought him a bucket of the Colonel's Extra-Crispy. He pronounced it superior, and less expensive than all the gadgets he'd been buying from Acme.)

They're banned from the Grand Canyon for life, though. It was just a little landslide, she thinks with a sigh. There's still plenty of canyon left. But the 80-foot tall carving of Lilo as an Indian princess is going to be baffling archaeologists for years.

Not all of the original Route 66 is still intact, but there's a strip of it running through Albuquerque. What the locals call Central Ave is lively, boasting carefully preserved vintage neon signs unrelated to the current businesses. There are motels that probably saw the glory days of the Mother Road, souvenir shops, cafes. There's something called the Tractor Brewery across from the Guild Cinema. It looks like the kind of town they could happily spend a couple days exploring--if she can just get Stitch out of his funk.

"Hey, Stitch, I'm hungry," she says casually. "I hear Rebel Donuts has the best donuts in town." His ears twitch, and Lilo knows he's listening. "The guidebook says they have maple-glazed donuts with bacon."

There's a happy croon from the passenger seat, and he bounces up and down.

Okay, that's better. The last thing Lilo wants is to be a buzzkill, but she really doesn't think it would've been a good idea to take Stitch to the Albuquerque volcanic fields--even if they are supposed to be inactive.



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