Jun. 29th, 2017

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Last night, GK and I made arrangements to get together this afternoon after she got through running her kids around. On our agenda were assorted errands:

Give her my cans to take in for recycling
Exchange sundry items we had for each other
Get documents notarized at the bank
Get my cash for the upcoming month
Go to Walmart so I could pickup my prescriptions (and snag groceries)

The cans were easy enough--I had three full trash bags ready to go, loaded them up, and I'll get cash from her after she's turned them in. I had FIVE great big moving boxes for her--just get them the fuck out of my house, I don't care! I'm so glad to have them gone! They were taking up acres of space, and I don't have acres to spare. She also passed along a pair of decorative baskets and a hat I've been coveting ever since she first got it. (It's brown velvet, and she's phased brown out of her wardrobe in favor of black.)

It wasn't an unqualified success; the credit union refused to notarize the document (power of attorney for GK) because they had qualms about some of the boilerplate in it causing them liability issues for them. *Did* get the cash while we were there, but will have to go elsewhere in search of a notary.

Of course, by the time we got to Walmart, she had one eye on the clock and was (metaphorically, if not literally) tapping her foot. There was a 15 minute wait at the pharmacy, which is catty-corner from the groceries...I grabbed about four things--I'll have to shop over the weekend--got in line behind some dame who apparently had two of everything in the store (I just typed "some damn", which was how I was feeling by then)...the whole thing was redeemed only by the gal in line behind me, who loved my dress.

Said dress is a GK hand-me-down, purple and beige. It needs a brooch at the neckline for modesty, which is why GK can't wear it--she's quite a bit bustier than I am (even though I'm about 55 pounds heavier), and her cups runneth over. If it was just a case of it being tight, though, she wouldn't let that stop her. (Meow--but it's true. Sometimes, I don't think she quite gets the concept of FIT.) I wasn't able to wear it for a while, because of my 40-pound weight gain--I knew it looked shrink-wrapped--I'm really pleased it fits again.

I've been tinkering with hanging artwork--I meant to get more picture-hanging hardware at Walmart, but there was no time for that today!--and digging things out of boxes, and hooray hooray, I've been working on displaying things in the corner cabinet. Mind you, while the living room looks somewhat improved, my office is between knee-deep and hip-deep. But at least I got the gigantic box out of here!

I think that's about it. My back is killing me; I'm going to lie down for a bit. Love to all....



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