Jul. 2nd, 2017

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Calling it the Master Suite or even the Master Bedroom would be silly, since it's the ONLY bedroom, and it certainly isn't a suite! The actual room space is about 10'x10', with a closet along one wall and only one window (on the wall opposite the closet). The door, as you enter, is on the far right side of the room. The window is on the right-hand wall, and the wall opposite the door is the back wall of the trailer, which is where the head of my bed is.

The whole thing is painted white, except the interior of the closet, which is aqua blue--GK's idea, but I'm good with it.

My original plan was for a black and white bedroom...it's been modified a bit, but at this point, that's what it looks like. I have a set of black and white lattice curtains on the window--blackout curtains, because there's a lamppost outside that's like a full moon every night--not exactly restful! Add to that white sheets and comforter, a black and white body pillow and a white nightstand.

Plan A: A shelf running from side to side above the bed for my hats and hatboxes to live on. White shelf, white brackets, the hats and boxes have enough color.

Plan B: The opposite wall (the wall with the door) is going to be a wallpapered accent wall. I already have the paper--I've had it for more than a decade, in fact. (Good thing I *didn't* paper the hall bath in Florida, huh?) The print is overlapping postcards, the old-fashioned hand-tinted kind. The colors are mostly pastels, which quite a bit of aqua blue, and I have a stack of frames (which I've had nearly as long) with scalloped edges reminiscent of the deckled edges of some of the postcards. Are you surprised to hear that I also have a few vintage postcards to put in them? Also on that wall, above the black dresser (once I get it painted), is a mirror with a scalloped white frame.

Plan C: I have white brackets to hang over the closet opening. I still need a pole and curtains. A length of PVC would probably work, if capped with decorative finials as a grace note. I may see what World Market has in the way of bottle stoppers...there's one less than a mile down the road.

Plan D: D is for dresser. It was one of the first things I got, and has been living on my porch since December. It's currently dark brown, is going to be black, and when I get a chance, I'm going to get a tester of metallic antique gold to accent the rosettes on it. Black and gold are classic, and I have a few old gold frames that will probably live on the other walls with more artwork.

Plans E-Z: Moving shit around, basically. I've had my scale in the bathroom, but it takes up a lot of real estate. It's either going to end up next to the dresser or maybe in the far corner by the closet. I need to greatly reduce my jewelry hoard...I don't wear much of it, partly because it's all such a jumble...and do something to organize it, like hang the necklaces on a pegboard and the pins on a canvas or pillow or the like. (Honestly, my jewelry is 80% brooches and necklaces...a dozen rings, maybe, few pairs of earrings, even fewer bracelets.)

By winter, I hope to have a rug or two underfoot on either side of the bed. A for warmth, and B for traction. Tile floors, even linoleum ones, can be slick underfoot. I have one area rug that may work, if I can get it shampooed. One for the other side and I'm set.

I don't see it happening this summer, but by next year, I'd like a ceiling fan in there, WITH a light fixture. Although, there's an IKEA light fixture that I adore and would happy trade for a ceiling fan. Most of the light fixtures in this place are the most godawful ubiquitous things: a single bulb sticking out of the ceiling with a round globe around it. I LOATHE them. The one from IKEA is playful and looks like a giant dandelion puff. *

As you can tell, I have big ideas!

* Giant is right--22" inches isn't the total, it's just the diameter of the fixture. The cord is another 4'---no way in hell it would fit in my scant 7' ceilings without concussing me!


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