Jul. 8th, 2017

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On Thursday, GK came over in the afternoon for our much-awaited (by me, anyway) spell of DIY. She was late (what else is new?) and couldn't stay long, but we did get a few things done, most notably fixing the backs of the bookcases on the porch to stabilize them so I can actually USE them. Also some monkeying with light fixtures...GK managed to kill the light under the ceiling fan in the living room, ho ho. Apparently, her jinx extends beyond electronics.

We were going to put up the shelf in my bedroom, but she finally realized that, as I'd been telling her, the board we had was too short and much too narrow.

She and a neighbor who stepped over did some preliminary scouting of the swamp cooler on the roof--it also needed parts replaced. She got ahold of the former owner and made arrangements for him to come over today to work on it.

Yesterday--Friday--a miracle occurred. Namely, after six months of wanting to, I finally got to Home Depot. We got a proper-sized board for the bedroom project, parts for the swamp cooler--well, she handled that part. I took the bit in my teeth and got paint for the dresser, some TSP to bathe it with first (yes, I have latex gloves), and hardware to mount the pegboard in my kitchen. (Again, much thanks, PWCorgigirl!)

From there, we ran over to Restore--GK wanted to see if she could find a replacement light kit for the ceiling fan, which we think she did--haven't tried to install it yet--and I scored an elaborate bookcase by the same Danish manufacturer as the other three bookcases on the porch. When I say elaborate, I mean the others are basic bookcases with horizontal shelves. The new one is in three parts: the base is a cabinet with sliding doors, wider than the shelves above, which are different widths, and some of them have vertical pigeon-holes. On top, there's a piece of curved molding concealing a light fixture. It doesn't work, but I don't care. It looks badass.

Getting the badassness up against the back wall of the porch required getting A LOT of crap off the porch/out of the way. Guess who got to do that? Luckily, most of it was plastic bins, and most of them were fairly light (like the one crammed with yarn).

The invasion started at 8 this morning. The seller was here early, GK was late. But hey, they got the darn swamp cooler working, yay! Having never had one before, except the dinky window unit at LL's last year, I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It puts out, y'all. Enough to slam the front door if it happens to be open at the time. I quickly discovered that Grandma Sis's old flatiron placed against the door-frame keeps it open just enough to provide a good breeze through the porch if the windows are cracked. I turned off the box fan in my room this afternoon and took a nap (needed after my early morning!) and was comfortable, IE, I didn't wake in a puddle of perspiration.

I've been tidying up out on the porch, planning tentatively to start work on the dresser tomorrow. There are certainly enough projects for me to do! There's the dresser, the pegboard, oh, and doing something about the boxes lining the wall in the bedroom where the dresser is supposed to go. Not to mention general housework and the continued struggle to conquer boxes. Of which there are a lot fewer--I've been passing them along to GK for her move--but there's still more stuff than space.

So that's what I've been doing. Making haphazard progress, but progress nonetheless.

Love to all....



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