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Birthdate:Sep 9
Location:ABQ, New Mexico, United States of America
I'm blonde. Unitarian Universalist. A movie buff, with a particular fondness for noir. More of a dog person than a cat person, usually period. Hooked on chocolate and Marmite. A bit of a one-track mind...although I prefer to think of it as being focused.

"They" say you can't judge a book by its cover. Perhaps not, but I've been known to friend people on the basis of icon lust and an interesting post or two. Just so you know....

Also, I am an adult; therefore, this journal will have adult content. (Vulgar language, sexual content, and disturbing imagery, etc.) Consider yourself forewarned.


Fluffy's Glossary

Alphabet soup math: Abstract calculations such as "If A + B = C, and C = the sum of X * Y * Z, then how many pairs of red shoes do I have in my closet?"

Cargasm: State of bliss induced by observation of a particularly noteworthy automotive specimen.

Cockroach kharma: Thoughts or actions that may have negative consequences on one's future incarnations.

(The) Cutoff: Since middle-age has set in, a tendency to lust after drastically younger men has led Fluffy to devise The Cutoff in order to minimize feelings of pervishness -- IE, if the lust-object in question wasn't born when she graduated from high school, he's too darned young. May be waived for members of the cast of Supernatural.

F.P.F.: Feminine Protection Failure.

H.W.S.N.B.N.: He Who Shall Not Be Named -- Fluffy's ex.

Individual: Euphemism for 'asshole'.

Knee-high to a hubcap: How old Fluffy was when she started having cargasms.

P.B.O.D.: Personal battery-operated device.

Pheomenlanin-limited episodes: Blonde moments

Shameless egotism: Fluffy's habit of referring/linking to her previously posted fics**, most of which can be found here:

"Thank you for your concern.": Phrase which translates, in Fluff-speak, to "Mind your own business."


** Fandoms include, but are not limited to:

Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Secret Window, Ninth Gate, Pirates of the Caribbean, American Gods, Silence of the Lambs, Harry Potter, Benny and Joon, From Hell, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, National Treasure, Pacifier, Pitch Black/Riddick, James Bond, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Janet Evanovich, Equilibrium, xXx, Batman Begins, Mummy, Flight of the Phoenix, Supernatural, Jericho, Burning Zone, Criminal Minds, Crystal Singer Trilogy, Watchmen, Gilmore Girls, Royal Pains, Harper's Island, Heroes, Leverage, Dark Angel, My Bloody Valentine, Black Sheep Squadron/Baa Baa Black Sheep, Dragonriders of Pern series, Justified, Hitman, Neverwhere, Callahan series/Spider Robinson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Adam-12, Blade Runner, Sons of Anarchy, and Devour.

Crossovers abound

Interests (132):

2cellos, action movies, albuquerque, american gods, ancient egypt, anne mccaffrey, antiques, architecture, art deco, art nouveau, big band, bocce, books, bowling, carroll shelby, celtic artwork, cesar milan, chocolate, cj cherryh, classic cars, classic rock, clothes, collecting, container housing, corsets, cosplay, cowboy boots, crafts, crystal singers, cs poe, detective novels, dick francis, dog training, dogs, dorothy parker, dragonflies, dragonriders of pern, dropkick murphys, edward hopper, elizabeth moon, enya, epidemics, estonia, fan fiction, fanfiction, fashion, figjam, film noir, flogging molly, florida, found object art, frank lloyd wright, goddesses, gods, gordon ramsey, gummy drop, hammered aluminum, happy endings, hats, helen, hollywood, horses, humphrey bogart, hurt-comfort, iron chef, janet evanovich, jeffrey dean morgan, john milton, jools siviter, judi dench, kitsch, kurt russell, leopard print, lizards, louis l'amour, marmite, martha stewart, martyn bennett, mary engelbreit, mcu, meatloaf, metal, mirren, myrna loy, mysteries, mystery novels, neil gaiman, new mexico, noir, paganism, paisley, paolo coelho, peter max, peter o'toole, plot bunnies, poodles, puppies, quilting, retro, robert mitchum, robert rodriguez, rocks and crystals, samuel l. jackson, schnauzers, sci-fi, sean bean, sean connery, sebastian stan, secondhand, shelby mustangs, shiny, slash, snoopy, southern comfort, spaghetti westerns, standard poodles, studebakers, style, tailfins, tallinn, tarot, tattoos, three investigators, trixie belden, uma thurman, unitarian universalism, vin diesel, vintage, what not to wear, wicca, writing, zahi hawass
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